Can Bavel really save up to 20% of each project?

Yes it can, studies show that increasing field control will increase earnings by more than 20%, our tests show much larger number.

How does the documentation process take place? do we need to write?

No writing is needed, the documentation is "no text" thanks to our tagging system

Text is optional and can be used if needed.

Can everyone see what I am documenting?

The actions that are documented are posted on a feed that allows just the people authorized in the settings to read and edit.

Everyone who has permission can add comments to posts and share with outsiders via email.

What about quality assurance?

QA is one of our favorite features, it allows to create a digital form for any element as a template and use it time and time again allowing shared knowledge.

Can we keep track at employees and tools using Bavel?

Yes you can, for every group of employees one can create template and click when they are coming and going to and from work - finely having a work time track.

Can I share post with outsiders?

Yes you can, for every post there is a sharing button that allow to share it via email

Does Bavel work on projects of any size?

Bavel can create value for any size project and every participate.

How does location post work?

For every post you can add location by pinpoint it on a plan, than you can go to reports , mark


the area and see all the posts that ware located there.

Where can I search the posts?

At the bar on the top of the platform, you can see a search button that allows search with text or icons.

How can I add plans?

On the blueprints page you can add all the plans you need – with a click of a button.

Do I get notification for every action?

   Notifications are active for adding new templates, getting new comment  




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